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Hello this is my first post but I have read other post and comments and found them helpfull. I am currently living and working in london which is ok but now want to move and work in spain for at least a year (Barcelona for the beaches or Madrid). I was planning to do it last year but guess what didnt happen and I made a promise to myself i will do it this year even if i fall on my face and i come back after 2 months. At least I would have given it a go eh? I have books and audio cd's which i listen to on the way to work ect to help me learn spanish and have a plan of sorts. I wanted to it run by you guys for some feedback. This is below

1) Save money and home study spainish for 3- 4 months. How much would you say i need?

2) Pay for lauguage school in barcelona (this is where im looking to move) for 3-4 weeks with accomodation. -Any tips which school?

3) While in barcelona at the language school look for work and apartment to long term rent. I am not fussy but have seen sales jobs in call centres ect which I have done before, know any good work agencys?

4) If/when job and room found apply for NIE number and register at local town office. -any tips?

5) Set up bank account for wages to be put into. any tips?

6) Have a good time

Im sure I am missing out loads of things so any comments would be great hope to hear from you.
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Hey. Thing with Barcelona, from what I gather, is that you'll need Spanish and Catalan (as you're going to work there). Madrid might be a better start. I know there are lots of language schools quite central that you can attend.

There's going to be a bit of chicken and egg situation if your Spanish is still beginner level: you need a job to earn money but for the job you need to speak Spanish fairly well.

I'd say make sure you go with *alot* more money than you think you would need, as it may be that you will not be able to find a job for some months (.. and while you improve your Spanish).

I think Ben might be able to give a better insight (if you havent read Errant In Iberia, I suggest it!)

1) Learn the grammar, but you really need to practice it in Spain.
4) Apply for an NIE ASAP, you need it for your bank account. Although I opened one with BBVA in Madrid with my passport.
5) Hmm. My experience was BBVA was alright. A few issues but generally ok. They gave me a VISA and I didn't pay any charges for the account.

Two friends and I went to Madrid for 10 months without accomodation or any Spanish... but we managed. I made loads of friends who were always willing to help. It's a great life, but it takes dedication and perseverance. The language is much more of a problem than you may think it is. But you'll get there eventually if you persevere

All the best!
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