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Default Not about Spain - la dia de la cancion criolla

But for an authentic Latino experience go no further than Brixton, South London! An Oyster card is all you need - thanks Ken!

leave comment here and if possible on the blog, thanks


ooops! El dia ........

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Wow! Judging by the fotos it looks like it was a really great night! I wish that I had known about it because I would have come down. Ahh well I guess that there´s always next year.

Thanks for sharing!!!
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Hi Alan.It looked a great night.I looked at your blog(very nice)and am very interested in your trip to Extremadura and the remote hotel.It's a region that is relatively unexplored and could be of interest to other forum members.I would be very interested in some more imformation like the usual How,what, where,why? and your opinion.Apologies for hi-jacking this thread but i have an interest as i spend a bit of time in this region.Many thanks for sharing.
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