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Default se creyó todo una batalla

What is the best translation into English? Some kind of battle was created. What does the "todo" mean in this case.

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You are totally confused.
First, correct sentence must be "se creyó toda una batalla".
That's an idiom: "creerse una batalla"
I don't know what is the best translation, it could be: He believed in a big lie.
"toda" (because batalla is female) is used to emphasize:

fue todo un espectáculo - it was quite a show!
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you guys are both confusing "creer" and "crear"
The idiom is "crearse una batalla", se creó toda una batalla.

creó comes from crear, to create; creyó from creer, to believe.
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I'm not sure, I miss the context of phrase, but it sounds more feasible what joaquin77 said.

'contar batallitas' -> to tell stories.

'se creyó toda la batalla' -> he believed the story.
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I agree with Joaquin77 and IYKWIM, it is "creerse una batalla". You can also say "tragarse una batalla", meaning exactly the same.
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