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Default a curious experiment

it's interesting after reading a recent post about learning quickly. i was about to post something i'd forgotten about. it's what brought me here in the first place. an experiment to learn some spanish in a very short time. they mentioned the notes in spanish blog as a learning resource, among others. that's how i found notes in spanish. i think it deserves mentioning. make of it what you will.

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I watched the first episode and the last one, that was enough (although if I had time I would watch all the episodes but unfortunately I don't)

His pronounciation was very good, I can't say mine is better (or will be in 10 months) but to be honest, I'm not too impressed. He knew some useful phrases but I don't think he would be able to carry on a Spanish conversation. He didn't seem to have enough confidence in speaking the language.

But since I didn't watch the other episodes I have no idea of how much time he spent studying everyday, so I should probably shut my mouth :O
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