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Default Copyright

Can anyone explain to me why I can order a CD from Amazon and have it delivered to me here in Spain, yet when I try to download exactly the same thing from iTunes I'm told it's not available in Spain for copyright reasons? I have the same issues with ebooks.

Is there one rule for tangible products and another for downloads?
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According to this site, Apple deals with international licensing issues by requiring that you have your billing and payment information linked to the country in which you are downloading the music (it can tell from your IP address) -- so it might help you to set up a local credit card account for that purpose. Copyright laws and how much the original artist gets reimbursed from the sale do vary from country to country, and I guess that's how iTunes tracks its contractual obligations not just to you, but to the artist as well.

Companies that have physical inventory already met their obligations to the original artist/label/publisher/etc. when they purchased their stock (or whoever they purchased it from did so); reselling it to you doesn't change anything, no matter where you are. It's probably different with downloads where the information is all that exists, and each transaction actually generates a new copy of the product and its agreements, rather than drawing on an existing inventory.,2542631
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Hi LindaM,

As Uriel states there are different copyright regimes in Europe which can make it difficult for iTunes and similar services to have continent wide releases. That said if you have a UK Credit/Debit card and billing address you can setup an additional iTunes account with those details. "All you need to do" is log out of the Spanish iTunes store, then change the country by clicking on the flag in the bottom right of the iTunes store page. From there you log in and choose the option to create an account, using a separate email address. Alternatively offer MP3 downloads, in addition to physical CDs, although I've never downloaded MP3s from there.


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