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Originally Posted by richardksa View Post
That would be Childish!
We need Morleyk that one!!
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Originally Posted by gary View Post
We have a Tb onsite - important stuff offsite backup!!

Find out more... Im intrigued!!!

Anyway, I presume your mooted visit to Leeds to sort out the NHS computers is grounded?

From personal experience with my 3 octogenarians they could do with some help joining the dots... one department has somebody as an in patient when another sends transport back home to pick them up for and outpatient appointment. And God forbid that the previous three years of notes might be reviewed by whichever medic presents himself in front of mum, uncle or auntie today!!

Clearly the notes seem not to be for reference but for butt covering purposes...


Our sysyem would be fantastic if it were efficient (its fantastic anyway, just frustrating having the same conversation with each separate professional involved in their cases)
I'll trade you our robust US healthcare IT for your UK healthcare.

I wish I was headed to work on NHS IT but my current job only focuses on healthcare IT in the military sector.
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