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Default MI-FI Mobile Broadand Availability

I am travelling to Barcelona and Girona next month and the place I am staying this time will not have wi-fi so I am looking into the possibility of buying a PAYG MI-FI router to use with my iphone (in wifi only mode to save on horrendous roaming costs).

In the UK I had looked at getting the MIFI on PAYG from the 3 network and the price was around £70 for the MIFI "dongle".

I have been trying to find the same device through Orange, Vodafone or Movistar but have only found contract options.

Can anyone suggest another operator to look at who sell a MIFI on PAYG. If my only option is to get a standard usb dongle on PAYG then I will have to take my netbook but as I am flying cattle class on Ryanair and only carrying luggage I would rather travel as light as possible.
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What about buying one of those FON routers which you set up at home and then in return you have free access to the FON network in Spain? No good I suppose if it doesn't give you access to the net while in your piso.
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Thanks Stephen but that's not as flexible a solution as I was looking for.

I think I have figured out how to get what I need. I can get an unlocked MIFI router here and then head to Carrefour when I get to Girona and buy a SIM only prepay mobile internet SIM and it will only cost me 1Euro per day. Ideal!

Unless I have misunderstood this page:

I hope it is right as I could get no useful information from Vodafone, Orange or Movistar.
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