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Ací n'hi han dracs
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Well, that would be a "carajillo" in València, but a cremat will be always lit on fire even down here in Alacant... Since cremat actually means that ("burnt").
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Originally Posted by intrepida1981 View Post
Here in Valencia, it's used to call this kind of coffee as "café del tiempo".
I live just inland from Valencia

Café con hielo is as described - pour your hot coffee onto the ice cubes.

Café del tiempo - Properly made in some of our local bars, you put more water through the coffee, so it makes it a little weaker, and into a beaten up small saucepan with copius amounts of sugar. Leave it too cool, pour into a very old water bottle & leave it in the freezer over night. In the morning it is effectively Café 'Granizado' - deliciously refreshing on a hot summer afternoon.

When you drink it, think of CocaCola without the fizz. Which after all, is EXACTLY what CocaCola is..... iced coffee with fizz.

Café Largo (my usual weapon of choice) served in a small glass like a Cortado but without the milk. Longer, but not as strong as a solo (well, same amount of coffee, just a little more water) I often have it with a chupito - small shot of brandy, either Veterano or Terrys. The cheap ones are the best.

My wife never liked coffee much, but now loves her Cortado. It's quite funny cos you can spot the visitors a mile off - the 'Café con Leches' as they are often known ! It takes a while to find what you like and get used to it so for safety most English visitors go for a con Leche or Americano.

There is another one that I don't know the name of but coffee in a tall glass with a lump of ice cream on top !

Ooooh, I love this country !
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