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Default ¿es usted medico? no no , soy morboso!!!

here are a couple of spanish comedy links from a basque tv show called "vaya semanita"(I had loads but being as this is a family site these were the only ones that I could find with no swearing) . I find watching things like this a better way to learn than dubbed films as you get more of a sense of how the language is used in everyday situations.....


¿es usted medico? no no, soy morboso!!!

¿sí está es una boda?ya le digo y menudo robo me han pegado los novios!!!
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I just LOVE Vaya semanita. Airings Mon-Fri at 13:30 (maybe a lil' bit earlier/later ) at Paramount Comedy. If you don't have access to that channel, search for it on Youtube. If you don't have a quite good level of Spanish (and are up-to-date on Spain issues), probably you won't understand some of the jokes. Don't miss it!
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