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Default Help me sing along

Living in Spain I find myself unable to sing along with the sort of Spanish songs that get played at village fiestas, wedding parties - las canciones de toda la vida.

I'm sure this must have been a topic here before but I can't find it.

Any recommendations for past links, individual songs, CDs, etc. would be appreciated. I don't much care whether it's Paco el Chocaletero or Duende del Sur so long as it's popular and widely "sung."

If I were doing this in English I'd be looking for everything from Daisy, Daisy and My Old Man (said Follow the Van) through An English Country Garden and She Loves You to Waterloo, Wonderwall and Acceptable in the 80s.
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Have you tried Googling the lyrics? (And I can't say I would be able to sing along with you much in English, if those were the choices!)
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Maybe you should start with Mi carro y el Porompompero de Manolo Escobar.

Video porompompero

Video Mi carro

La Macarena de Los del Rio

Mocedades "Eres tú", still sung by El consorcio (some of the same members of the initial group)
Letra Eres tú

Peret El muerto vivo y una lágrima cayó en la arena

La puerta de Alcala y Solo pienso en tí de Victor Manuel

A couple of Mexican songs: Cielito lindo and Las mañanitas.

From the 1980s:

Bailando de Alaska y los Pegamoides
Al amor del calor en un bar, de Gabinete Caligari
Escuela de calor y Veneno en la piel de Radio Futura

One of the most popular groups in the 80's was Mecano, but their songs are a bit difficult to sing. Maybe one of the ones that it is sung is "Hoy no me puedo levantar"

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Que lastima Freebird.
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