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Smile Absolute Beginners Spanish Course

Hola All new Spanish speakers,

It's pretty hard learning a new language, and even harder finding a decent course to get you started.
I know, I'm in the same boat, but I have found a course that gives you a sneak peak and some time to check out what they are all about.
It is pretty easy, fun and best of all, its all downloaded onto the PC or Mac and you can transfer it to your MP 3 player too.

Check it out if you like, no obligation of course, but well worth a look just for the 6 day free course!!!

I put a link in my signature to make it nice and easy. I reckon its pretty damn good, did the freebies and now onto the beginning of the paid course. So far so good and enjoy it alot.

Good luck

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That's 9 posts in 2 days, none of which add much to any discussion, all of which are apparently aimed at promoting a website in your signature.
7 day ban to think over your strategy before the other foreros get p....d off with you.
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La Vaquera
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It's such a comfort to have our bulldog patrolling the grounds! It gives me that warm fuzzy feeling.
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El Chele
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Dicen que.....¨Los perros que ladran no muerden¨, pero este perro sí!!!!

Gracias Señor Greytop!
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Learn REAL Spanish now!

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