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Default Michael Jackson's songs, why 'it don't matter' and not 'it doesn't matter'?

Hi ya!

Eversince I listened to some M.J's songs I've been asking this question to myself. For example in "Black or White" song it is said "it don't matter' and not 'it doesn't matter'. Do you know why?

Thank u
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Samuri Forero
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Its not grammatically correct, but it is the way people speak in the US... a kind of contraction if you like.
The English in the south of the country would use a similar construction, whereas in the north it would sound more like "it dun't matter" - plus the fact that "it doesn't matter" is 5 syllables rather than 4 and so wouldnt scan properly. (Scan meaning that the words fit to a particular rhythm or beat)
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Hero Forero
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It is the vernacular used in certain urban areas of the US. Interesting though is that if popularized through mainstream media, this "incorrect grammar" usage becomes adopted by many outside of these urban areas and outside the US.
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La Vaquera
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Hi Keira! Saying "Don't" instead of "doesn't" is done for the same reason that people in the United States often say "Ain't" instead of "isn't". It is just slang, a "cool" way of talking when you are with your friends. For example, if my husband asked me which restaurant I would like to go to, just to be funny or to sound casual I might say, "It don't matter". Or if my friend told me that some man we knew could suddenly speak Spanish perfectly, I might say, "I Know, and he ain't even taking lessons!" It is just a way of speaking that is fun to do with your friends; but if you were at a job interview or meeting your boyfriend's parents for the first time, of course, you would never talk this way. I am sure that Spanish has many such words and "cool", "street" ways of talking too.
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