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Default Sounds right (or does it?)

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Yeah, he's got a point, but Twitter is changing from its original use. Many of these online tools, like Twitter, are being co-opted by online marketers and businesses. It's less about tweeting the minutiae of one's day ["I just burped and it smelled like strawberries" ] to tweeting about the news or business opportunities.

I read something this week about how one single tweet on how to find a job via Twitter crashed somebody's blog because of all the traffic flowing its way from Twitter. But it turned out the tweet was referring to a blog post that was referring to a Wall Street Journal article which had the actual content. The irony is is that the site that had the actual content, i.e. the Wall Street Journal's web site, probably could've absorbed and better handled the wave of traffic coming from Twitter than the personal blog that blogged about the story. But obviously the audience on Twitter doesn't read the WSJ, otherwise there wouldn't have been so many people from Twitter rushing to read that article. So from that standpoint Twitter is expanding the reach of news to a prospective pool of people who may be interested in a particular topic.

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