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Default Cartagena

My wife has just been offered a transfer from her current job in Ciudad Rodrigo (Salamanca) to Cartagena (Murcia). We were rather hoping for a transfer to Albacete (Fewer Brits so we retain novelty value and a whole new area to explore) but Cartagena is fine too. Or at least we think it is. We've been there a couple of times as day trippers but we've never explored the town in any depth.

Does anyone know the town? Any advice on things to do, information on renting, in fact information about anything to do with Cartgena would be welcome.
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Yes, Cartagena is a very interesting and historic city. A lot of money has been spent over the last few years, mainly restoring some of the historic buildings.

The port area, in particular has been revamped considerably. Some very large cruise ships now call in, the Oriana is one.

The Spanish Mediterranean Fleet is based there and Isaac Peral is a former resident. Peral is credited by some as the inventor of the submarine and his prototype is on outdoor display. There is also an interesting naval musuem.

Amongst the attractions of historical interest is the Roman Ampitheatre, which has been restored, and the old civil war shelters. Cartagena had quite a bad time during the civil war and was bombed by the Germans. Quite a large number of naval officers were executed. There are also quite a number of land based big naval guns up on the cliffs surrounding the city, which can be visited.

In 1931 Alfonso XIII left Spain for exile via the port of Cartagena.

It is also a bustling University City (not on the same scale as Salamanca of course).

Each year in September there is a fantastic Roman and Carthagenans fiesta.

I cannot help re renting, but the town hall website is quite good:

Transport links are quite good. The railway station is in the centre, with a good service to Madrid, Alicante, Valencia and Barcelona. There is also a narrow gauge FEVE service to Los Nietos, which is a typical Spanish seaside town, located on the Mar Menor. This journey takes around half an hour and takes you through some very interesting countryside, with views of the old ore mineworkings in the area (It's cheap as well, the last time I went I think it was only around €3 return.

The airport at San Javier is 15 minutes away by car. Murcia City is 30 minutes by car.

There is a Jefatura de Trafico located in the city.

Shopping is quite good in the City Centre (there is an El Corte Ingles) and there is also good out of town shopping centre, five minutes up the motorway.

All in all we like Cartagena, although we would not like to live in the centre itself, due to the heavy traffic and the pollution, but having said that, this is the same in most cities these days.

You may find this article interesting:

Hope this helps.
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