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Default que manía. pues no!

Originally Posted by Urgellenk View Post
I am not particularly well educated and my ambience is not very academic either, but none of my Spanish speaking friends would EVER use "me se" unless in humorous situations, pretending to emulate the parlance of very uneducated people.

I would only use it if the context makes perfectly clear that I am aware of the incorrectness of the construction and just pretending to spice up my speech with a funny colloquial tone.
Bueno, pues se ve que aquí hay muchos que SIEMPRE estamos de cachondeo. Hasta durmiendo.

Meseros/teseros del mundo, UNITE!

As for the difference between falté a clase and (me) perdí una clase, I would say the first is used when you missed the class on purpose, whether the latter would be used when you missed a class for unvoluntary reasons.

I do not really see a difference between me perdí and perdí, but I do notice a tendence in the colloquial language to use reflexive pronouns where they are not needed, at least in some areas of Spain. Like in "Dite algo" or "bájate una cerveza".

Aquí totalmente de acuerdo.

Originally Posted by timg View Post
La canción original es "Se me va". Nota que cada vez que dicen "me se va" la(s) chica(s) se rie(n).
¿ Canción original ?. Yo diría que es una típica charanga de carnaval de Cádiz y se la han inventado hace un rato.

Cuando con ayuda de los licores aromáticos y/o refrescantes llegas a “ese punto”, “al puntillo justo”, te sientes tan güay que te ríes de casi cualquier cosa. You know what I mean.
Pero reirse de un “se me va”… ni borrachas.
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That humorous song is a perfect example of what I wrote. You only use "me se" when you are joking.

May I ask where you hail from? because I honestly have never heard that construction in the "normal" speech anywhere in Spain. Not to mention formal situations or written language.
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