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Default Is Ryanair Upfront Enough?

At the beginning of September 2009 we decided to go back for a visit to Spain, close to where we used to live in Benijofar.

After searching for the best deals, flight times etc we came up with a morning flight with Ryanair from Liverpool to Alicante.

I`ve flown with Ryanair in the past, but quite a while previous to this particular flight. We`d always found them reliable, at a decent price, and everything seemed `upfront` with their charges.

This is where we were in for some unpleasant surprises.

You have to check in online and print off your boarding pass, for which there is (unbelievably) a charge. If not, there is a big charge to do it at the airport.

Plus they make a charge for EVERY person when paying by credit or debit card, in both directions, and of course there`s no choice, you HAVE to pay by card online. We paid by one debit card. If I remember correctly that added another £20 to our bill.

This is all besides the charges for baggage of course.

What was even more annoying was that when we arrived at the airport we just assumed that having checked in online we`d not have much of a queue to check the luggage in. Wishful thinking!

We didn`t save any time whatsoever.

We, along with hundreds of others, still had to queue to get our bags checked in and weighed. We still had to hand over our passports and boarding pass to be checked. How did we save any time at all by checking in online? The queues were exactly the same length as in former times when we had to check in at the airport instead of online.

We initially just thought that by checking in online we`d turn up at the airport, drop our bags off and make our way through security. No way though.

To me Ryanair displays a great price at first, then when you start to add up all the `extras` you realize how they are making up their money. Poor business practice in my view.
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Originally Posted by expatsinspain View Post

To me Ryanair displays a great price at first, then when you start to add up all the `extras` you realize how they are making up their money. Poor business practice in my view.

"Rip-off Air" strikes again?

I and a few golfing mates, attracted by advertising by "Rip-Off-Air" (you know who I mean) of low fares to Italy, planned to have a few days winter golf in the sunshine.

The basic return fare was a very reasonable £35 or so. BUT when you add

+ charges for debit card payment (even though it is an immediate transfer of funds!)

+ charges each way for personal check-in

+ additional charge each way for each piece of luggage checked

+ exorbitant charges each way for carriage of golf clubs with no guarantee that they will accompany you (a bit tough if you are on a golfing holiday)

+ charges each way for seat selection

+ extra charges if you have red hair and a wooden leg! (OK, I lied about the last but I would nor put it past them!)

As the whole cost came to nearly four times as much as that advertised, "Rip-offAir" was told to go forth and procreate and we took a scheduled airline for the same price but greater reliability of actually getting to our destination with our golf clubs!

When the offer is "too good to be true"- it is just that! Also remember that the policy is "No refunds under ANY circumstances!"

I avoid this airline like the plague!

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I agree. Trying to book a flight right now, and there's something wrong with the online form, so in addition to all the fees they keep adding on I have to make an international call just to book this flight.
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Ryan Air is Ryan Air you know what you're getting, it's cheap for a reason I'd use BMI Baby all day long.

However if you're going to use it, get a prepaid master card.

Get one of these: (A nice prepaid mastercard to avoid the fees, this one is free and if you join Quidco you get £7.50 cashback for loading the card, no annual fee) Great for usurping Ryan Air and there ever changing criteria for charges

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One of the many "lovely" stories about Rip-off Air
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I hear you, I hear you.

I'm not a fan of RipOffAir but I do sneakily admire the hard nosed profit seeking misrepresenting publicity seeking approach. It's almost funny.

I have flown with them and I have vowed to never repeat the experience. I decided that I will never want a "cheap flight" enough to be willing to endure that process. The queues, the extra charges, the people repacking cases to avoid the surcharges, the staff..... Speaking of the staff, I was chatting to one of the cabin crew one time and when I was told of the employment practices I was amazed. Clearly I'm not going to repeat here - maybe over a beer sometime. I have played in a number of bands over the years and some venues do not pay the group, instead they charge the group for the use of the room in a systems called "pay to play".

On the other hand there is another budget airline that is orange and I have never had a bad experience. I find the process to be easy, the flights on time, OK prices and lovely cabin crew.

I fly regularly with Easyjet between Liverpool and various Spanish cities and recommend them heartily. Not all budget airlines are equal.
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Default I Hate Ryanair

Touchy subject this:
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