Podcast no. 3 !! Views from the roof terrace…

Podcast – 25th May 2005 !

It’s another Notes from Spain podcast! This one is basically a terraza cast rambler including:

  • How to get in touch
  • A surprise from the porter
  • Views from the roof of our building
  • This morning’s bomb, the end of advertising and the dumbing down of tv

Click here to listen (16mins, 7mb).

Another bomb in Madrid….

‘I do wish bombs would stop going off near me in Madrid’ – was probably the wrong text message to send to my wife, at least that’s what she told me when my mobile rand 20 seconds later. But it’s true. We were 200 m away from Atotcha station when the bombs went off there on March 11th last year, blowing apart train carriages and many of the people inside them. I recognise the sound of a bomb now, a booming iron thud, quite different from any of the other booms one hears in Madrid (like the sound of an empty skip dropped on tarmac).

What I really wish is that bombs would stop going off anywhere, near me or not. It is all quite unfathomable. I wonder what ETA hoped to achieve with this? Perhaps El Mundo can explain it to me later on. More on this later in a podcast…

Ten minutes before cinema

One of those hectic days characterised by translations and more translations.. and trying to fit in a driving lesson and a morning ‘job’ teaching (without actually teaching but hanging around a lot…)

So I’m off to see the Revenge of the Sith, although I have to say that I could live without it… I’ve got a podcast to make god dammit! Maybe when I get back. Continuity is the key! It’s 28 degrees outside, at half past eight-ish (p.m.). Just got an email from a friend of ours in London, a Spanish girl who has just moved over there with her husband. She says “Por cierto. En tu pais hace muy mal tiempo!!!” – By the way, in your country the weather is terrible!!! Poor girl, she doesn’t know the half of it – this is May, wait until she gets to November 🙁

OK, off to the cinema, the podcast will be coming very soon…. on the off chance that someone actually listens…

In the meantime, if you’re bored, check out flickr and have a look around.

Useful links

These links all appear in my technology article in June’s In Madrid newspaper – there’s some good stuff in here:

www.wikipedia.org – the people’s encyclopedia
www.flickr.com – nose through the worlds photos
www.ourmedia.org – show your great grandchildren your talent
www.ebay.com – beats the Corte Ingles
www.bbc.co.uk/radio – for BBC Radio Player
www.elmundo.es – best free news in Spain
www.boingboing.net – the weird and wonderful
www.guardianunlimited.co.uk – award winning on-line news
www.newsgator.com – control your news feeds
www.bloglines.com – choose your news, search endless blogs
www.blogger.com – start your own blog / column
www.blogspain.com – join in Spain
www.audible.com – at least two free books
www.skype.com – the future of the telephone is here
www.scripting.comthe blog for net people, podcasters and bloggers, like me

Been away…

Been away at a wedding in Italy for the past 4 days so there has been a bit of a blog-gap (is this the excuse I need to get some kind of wirelss pda, for airpost hotspot blogging? – the wife thinks not…) Anyway, back now, so hope to get things back on track….

Church asks king to step in on gay marriages

The church has asked the king to step in and block the law that will allow gay couples to marry in Spain. Surely the church should realise that Royalty just doesn’t work like that anymore. They sign these things just for form. Imagine, however, that the King did refuse to sign the new law? What then?

Nope, it’ll never happen. The church is just going to have to grit its teeth and deal with it, and come to terms with the fact that it isn’t just the Royals that don’t have the same powers as they used to any more…..