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El Gordo de Navidad – 3 million Euros

Now I feel Christmassy at last! On the TV behind me the children from the Colegio de San Ildefonso Naomí­ Sánchez y Bryan Lafebreare are singing the winning numbers and prize amounts for this year’s Christmas ‘El Gordo’ lottery. Forget all the other celebrations in Spain this Christmas, this is the big one. There are hundreds of prizes to be picked throughout the morning, but the biggest prize of all, the ‘Gordo’ (3,000,000 Euros), has already been picked, at 9.50 a.m. – see my youtube video below:

(Direct youtube video link)

Each ticket is divided into participations which may be sold in different parts of Spain, and it seems that this year there are ‘Gordo’ ticket winners in Vitoria, Alicante, Benidorm, Onil (Alicante), Fuenlabrada (Madrid), Santiponce (Sevilla), Almazán (Soria) and Valencia – with the lion’s share going to Soria.

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Govt. to Spanish Motorists – ‘Do you think you’re going to die on the road?’

The latest tactic to avoid deaths on the roads this Easter is direct, to say the least. A TV ad. shows an operator in a cubicle phoning random numbers and asking the person on the other end if they are planning to use the car this Easter. ‘And do you think you are going to die on the road?’ she goes on to ask…

105 people did die in 88 accidents over the same period last year, and with over 15 million journeys expected over the next 10 days, the government isn’t optimistic.

So is it safe to drive on the roads in Spain? The answer is yes, but if you are of a nervous disposition, try to avoid night driving, bank holidays and weekends… better still, take the train.

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