Our Famous Spanish-Learning Audios

In 2006 my wife Marina and I started the Notes in Spanish podcast to teach people “The Real Spanish You’ll Never Find in a Textbook or Classroom”, using 100% real conversations.

We’ve had over 40 Million podcast downloads since then, reaching people from almost every country in the world, at every level of Spanish, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced: Check out Notes in Spanish here   ¡Gracias!

Notes on the Internet Dream – New Book

This blog, Notes from Spain, was the first piece of a puzzle in an unlikely chain of events that led my wife, Marina, and I to leave our jobs and work full time on our kitchen-table podcasting business, Notes in Spanish, that has been going for over 10 years and has had over 31 million downloads so far.

I’ve written a book telling the whole story, and including absolutely everything we know about running a business online, reducing work hours, and having fun in the meantime!

Check out this video for more details, and order the book from Amazon: see the links below the video…

Get your copy now from Amazon: Amazon.comAmazon.co.ukAmazon.es  – and all other Amazon stores.

Wandering the Markets of Madrid

Yesterday I went for a wander around the market in Anton Martin, Madrid. Unlike other old barrio markets in Madrid, this one is still doing pretty well, with plenty of customers milling about and buying from the stalls. The final photo of the man with the pipe is in the Plaza Mayor.

Fruit shop, Madrid

Fish Stall, Anton Martin Market, Madrid

Fish Stall, Anton Martin Market, Madrid

Beans and lentils, Market, Madrid

Plaza Mayor, Madrid